Options to customise your own motorcycle helmet

There are many options to customise your own motorcycle helmet. In this article we’ve collected some for you to take a look and help you get started. From online designers to a professional graphics designer you have many options to pick from. Let’s take a look at them one by one.
customise your own motorcycle helmet

Why should you customise your own motorcycle helmet?

The very first question is the why. You can simply get into a bike shop or visit a webshop specialised only on helmets. You will immediately notice – let it be in person or virtually – the many-many designs available. Grayscale or colorful, nonfigurative or figurative, solid or complex, you will have many options to choose from.

So… If so many designs are available, why should you bother at all to customise your own motorcycle helmet? Well, we’re in the business for some time now and the reasons are very wide.

The main idea behind customisation is to be unique. To differ from others. To be noticed on roads – either because of the better visibility or simply just being “cool”.

Custom graphics can also serve safety. Depending on the regulations, if allowed, even just some reflective stickers can add a lot to be more safe.

Or to mention one more: repainting a black or dark-toned helmet to a lighter-toned or a white one can bring comfort because of the lower temperatures inside your lid. On a longer trip this could mean a big difference!

Those are just two-three points about the why-s.

How should you customise your own motorcycle helmet?

Now let’s see the question about the how! Firstly in realtion to the designing.

An option to customise your own motorcycle helmet can be to look for a custom helmet designer artist. He or she will ask you about your ideas and then try to come up with a sketch to match.

It’s a bit risky as it is not easy to understand the requests and ideas at first. Yes, we have many experience with this. It can be tricky and those ideas can quickly change resultsing in drawing new designs – which sometimes has extra costs.

And also, the issue is: many of the clients have no idea. they just want something – possibly for yesterday – but can not tell anything about the “what”. Just draw something that looks good. Well, yeah… Easy, right?

This wasone of the main reasons behind our idea to prepare an online helmet designer tool, a configurator. We do many designs, you pick one you like, mix and match colors, ta-dam, that’s it, design done!


How about an online designer?

Even if our website’s main feature – the online helmet designer tool – was designed for mostly race helmets, you can still use it for other kinds of helmet. So for example you can use it to customise your own motorcycle helmet as well.

If you have a closed or a flip up helmet, no problem at all. Helmet painters – just like the one we cooperate with – will have no difficulty to adopt the design you create on the site to the specific motorcycle helmet model you pick as a base.

It’s also possible to adopt the helmet design templates on the site to open face or retro-styled helmet models. It’s a bit more difficult as the front section are completely removed in this case, but if you don’t mind that and can imagine how the artwork would look, then it is not a problem to request the paintwork for those kinds of helmet models.

We advise you to look around and check the basic and premium design templates on the site – and simply customise one of them. We’ll be happy to help and inform you if it can be adopted (usually the answer is yes) to your chosen motorcycle helmet model.