Frequently Asked Questions

Helmets: Frequently Asked Questions

Great question! Up to this point we were only designing them, but we realised there's a need for a more complex service. So great news, now you can buy your new helmet from us, get it designed and also painted!
Spot on! We have developed an ONLINE HELMET DESIGNER, which includes 7 free editable designs. This should be your starting point. Moreover, we have a VIP ZONE with many more editable designs. And if you still haven't found what you're looking for: we can do a design from you from scratch. Every detail is in the upper Helmet designing menu.
Yes of course! We know many of you struggle with drawing skills and so we prepared to help you. We have built a new ONLINE HELMET DESIGNER, which includes 7 free editable designs by default. And we also have a VIP ZONE with many more designs! Feel free to visit HERE for more information!
It really depends on the time of the year. If it's a busy time, it will take 6 weeks, while it only takes 4 if we are not very occupied.
You can pay with your Creit Card as a standard. Also, if you would like to do bank transfer, we can provide our banking details for you. Please get in touch if that's the case. There is no extra fee for wire transfer.
In short, 3D means 3 Dimension. When we use the term "3D helmet designing" that means a virtual studio set up with your helmet & design. We'll do photoshoots of this design from at least 5 views. Realistic lighting effects will make sure it looks like a painted helmet.
No, we do not have a physical shop. We are working 100% online so you can actually "visit us" without opening hours. Feel free to get in touch by email or social media - using the icons at the top or bottom of this page. Never got a question we didn't enjoy answering!