quick summary

Why Basic?

BASIC means the available color options are limited to 13 pearl colors compared to PREMIUM’s 36 (pearl + chrome & flake) options.

12 basic templates

We have 20 templates available on the site, 12 of them are available in both BASIC and PREMIUM versions.

170.000+ variations

With at least 4 editable sections per design and the 13 pearl colors, in total 170.000+ variations can be achieved.

It’s easy, simply mix & match colors you like – in real time!

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In total 12 BASIC design templates available


At least 4 configurable sections per design


13 pearl colors & 6 shadow effects


Option to extend designs to PREMIUM

Details about the basic & premium
helmet design templates


BASIC & PREMIUM templates

BASIC templates offer coloring options only in 13 pearl colors. PREMIUM templates offer extra 23 coloring options: besides pearl there are 10 chrome and 13 metal flake textures available for all editable sections per design as well.


BASIC helmet design templates

12 of the available 20 helmet templates are the BASIC templates and can be accessed and used for free. We require a small fee to reveal the remaining 8 templates and also to extend the 12 BASIC tempaltes to PREMIUM and so have more then 10 million variations for each design!


PREMIUM helmet design templates

All 20 helmet design templates on the site can be accessed in PREMIUM versions for a small fee. PREMIUM offers extended color options: +10 chrome colors and +13 metal flake colors for each designs. Also PREMIUM offer includes +8 templates that can only be accessed with PREMIUM option.


UK based, professional painting service

We will not release your hand once your design is finished on the site. We’ve teamed up with UK’s one of the best helmet painter artists so the process can continue to the next step. The prices you see on the site are the real painting quotes. So you will be able to get an exact offer for paintwork within some days.


In need of a new helmet for paintwork?

No issue! We have a wide range of ARAI, STILO, BELL helmets available to purchase as a base for your new helmet design. You’ll have the option to choose a helmet once you’ve set your intention to get a custom design! (We’ll send you a list of the available models for purchase.)

get your custom helmet design
in just 3 easy steps


Pick a helmet template

Choose one of the 20 BASIC or PREMIUM helmet design templates.


MIX & match colors

Choose one of the 20 BASIC or PREMIUM helmet design templates.


Send your enquiry for paintwork

Get a quote request for any design you come up with!

What if you can't find a design you like on the site?

Don’t worry for a second. We’ve not run out of ideas and not stopped at 20 designs. We offer the unique opportunity for you to hire us fto design a custom helmet design for you.

And yes… You will be able to use the online editor to configure your desired color combinations! Sounds good, huh? 😉

As far as we know, this is the only place where you have this opportunity!