About us

We are a team of helmet designers and helmet painters. We are located in all around the world.

What do we do?

Our first and most requested service is HELMET DESIGNING.

We design race helmets for many raceing series. Both open-wheel, formula, torucing car, rally, drift, karting etc.

We also design helmets for road bikers and bike racers.

And not just design those helmets, but paint as well.


Our other websites where you can find us

https://www.BarthDesigns.hu :If you are located in Hungary, then visit this site for custom helmet designing – egyedi bukósisakok.

https://www.catahoulaleoparddogs.info: everything about Catahoula Leopard dogs

If you know the Hungarian language, the following pages can be interesting for you:

 https://www.magneziuminfo.hu: everything you wanted to know about magnézium.

 https://www.mikulas.info: everything you wanted to know about Santa Claus, “Mikulás” in Hungarian!

 https://www.dzsulia.hu: personal website for Julia Barth, our main helmet designer artist.

 https://www.levendulanoveny.hu: everything about Lavanders

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